Our Brands are as bold and unique as the hands that create them. At launch, Love Dot is home to 10 brands and 75 products with more being added every month. Our brands are global by nature and sustainable by choice. Some span continents - with items being designed in the U.S. and crafted in artisan workshops around the world. While others are born from the hearts and imaginations of Master craftsmen/women.

All of our brands align to the fair trade principles established by the World Fair Trade Organization. See the full list of brands and read there artisan stories below.


Made in Italy

Ciao Italy! Collection

Brands: Luca Giardini and Roberto Mantellassi 


Luca G.

Luca Giardini is a Master leather artisan. He utilizes the oldest leatherworking traditions passed on through generations, applying them to modern designs that tip the balance of minimalism and luxury. His attention to every detail is what sets his work apart. His workshop lies in the heart of Padova, Italy and is where he crafts his creations - all by hand. Love Dot is home to Luca's La Tracollina collection.

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Roberto Mantelessi

Beginning his career at the age of 14, Roberto Mantellassi honed his passion for craftsmanship by working alongside established Masters. He founded his namesake brand in 1999 in the charming town of Cerreto Guidi near Florence, beginning with keyrings and eventually branching out to bracelets and other accessories. 

Roberto Mantellassi only uses the highest quality leathers and metals with all creations designed and made by hand in Tuscany, Italy.

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From Kenya, with Love Collection

Brands: SOKO, Kapoeta by Ambica

Soko is pioneering Ethical Fashion, aligning handmade talent from emerging markets. The brand is designed in San Francisco with each piece made, by hand, in Narobi, Kenya by artisan entrepreneurs. Soko works with these entrepreneurs to build their businesses, improve production capacity, and sustainably increase their income.

  • Artisans receive an average of 22% of retained revenue.
  • 2,300+ artisans in 282 workshops throughout Kenya.
  • Artisans working with SOKO earn 5x’s more than an average artisan workshop.

All jewelry is made of sustainable materials, including brass and cow-horn products.  All cow-horn products are crafted from the horn of Ankole Longhorn cattle, a breed native to the Rift Valley of East Africa. Soko artisans ethically procure this recycled material, which is a byproduct of the food industry, from nomadic tribes in Kenya and Uganda. Reclaimed horn has gorgeous natural variation in its color, so every piece is individual as a result and can range from a dark lustrous black to striated natural tones.

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Kapoeta by Ambica

Kapoeta by Ambica is a luxury collection of handmade feather jewelry and accessories where each unique feather piece beautifully combines edgy, extravagant and elegant. Founded in 2016 as an African eco-fashion brand, Ambica supports ethical and sustainable sourcing, production and design.

Feather fashion sprang to life and today she sources her feathers, beads and leather from local Kenyan entrepreneurs with a vision for supporting local communities.

Ambica works closely with the fly-tying community in Kenya where she collects the off cuts and recycles the feathers into her creations. All materials are ethically sourced from local entrepreneurs and individuals with the aim of empowering and supporting the local community and environment. 

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Made in America Collection

Brands: Taylor & Tessier, Joya

Adam and Taylor’s merger was organic, and their line has grown the same way. Working long hours side-by-side in a 100-year old workshop in Aspen to bring T&T to life, their four hands have shaped every step of the process.

Taylor’s tenacity and natural business acumen is the driving force behind T&T. At age 12, she walked into Aspen bead store, Hot Mama, and requested a job. “Come back in a year,” was the reply. To no one’s surprise, she did, and has been working to refine her craft ever since, making the rounds at local salons to sell jewelry and securing a booth at the Aspen Saturday Market.

Raised by a painter and a writer in Northern Idaho, Adam was inspired by Taylor’s passion. Her creative vision and tenacity were a natural fit with Adam’s business savvy and artistic DNA. Determined to build a business together, they drew on the feedback and support of the gracious, innovative residents of the Valley to hone their vision. Today, their artistic partnership feeds their marriage and vice versa.

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Joya: Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Joya is a curated collection of hand-crafted jewelry created by artisan communities around the world. Each Joya piece is 100% hand-crafted by expert artisan jewelers using traditional jewelry making and textile techniques.

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Brands: Naija Pride by LOVE DOT Collection. Viktor Reid


Aba is the manufacturing epicenter of southeast Nigeria. Its sense of craftsmanship is buried deep within Nigerian/Igbo culture and is reflective of the region. Our Naija Pride Ankara Kimono collection is handmade in Aba. We chose two local designers, Helen's Classic Creations and Chinemerem Designs - to guide the design and execution of the collection. Their passion for fashion and attention to detail shines through every stitch. 

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Viktor Reid, Ankara print pencil skirts

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Yebo SA! Collection

Featuring Koluntu

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