Kapoeta by Ambica

Peacock Blue Ear Cuff

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SKU: ECS4-SS2020


by Kapoeta

Designed with Guinea Fowl and moulted peacock feathers, wire and leather, the ear cuff is worn around the ear and can be moulded/adjusted to fit the ear comfortably. Kapoeta's ear cuffs are the quintessential bohemian chic accessory that's both edgy and elegant. 

Diameter 5" 

This ear cuff has brass hardware, not silver as pictured.

Designed for the right ear.

Kapoeta sources feathers that are either a byproduct from small chicken farms or the fly fishing industry. Feathers that would otherwise be discarded, are ethically sourced and upcycled into accessories; no birds are harmed for their feathers.

Made in Narobi, Kenya

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