Ada Green Everyday Polo Dress - Hyphen Capsule Collection

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Handmade in Ghana.

Ada is our classic Everyday Polo Dress, reimagined for fall. It's the same versatile, belted, batik shirt dress - just in a beautiful new color.  The batik is handmade in Ghana using organic cotton. Each dress bares a similar, but not identical, pattern. 

3/4 length, cuffed sleeves. 

Interior lining.

100% Indian Cotton.

Buttons up the front.

Dress runs long.

Wear it with heels or sneakers. Collar up or down. Your dress, your style. 

Please note that the Batik process is a 100% natural wax and fabric dying technique. This means that the depth of color and patterns for each garment may slightly vary.

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Model is 5'6"

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