Love Dot Our BrandsFrom Artisans to You.

LOVE DOT aims to become the go-to destination for thoughtfully curated, sustainably made and ethically sourced fashion and lifestyle brands made by artisans around the world. We are committed to making handmade, thoughtfully crafted, eco-forward fashions accessible to the style and travel obsessed. Each purchase is an investment in an artisan brand committed to using their talents to uplift their community.

From Johannesburg, SA to Padua, Italy, Aspen, CO to Narobi, Kenya - our experience is designed to not just bring you beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind brands, but also introduce you to the people behind each brand we carry and the techniques they use to make the things you love. 

We are redefining the definition of global fashion, with the goal of making artisan brands the most desirable brands in the world.


Side Note. So you are probably wondering, about the origins of our name. (it's okay if you weren't, but we still have to share...)

LOVE DOT was founded in 2019 by Nneka Ude, a Chicago based entrepreneur and advertising executive with a passion for travel, fashion, and culture. LOVE DOT, in both name and entity, is a tribute to her mother, Dorothy Dudley, who would, at times, affectionately refer to herself as "Dot."

A doting mother, daughter and burgeoning world traveler, Dorothy's life was interrupted by cancer in 2016 before she and Nneka could finally put her passport to good use. Dorothy's love for unique, well-crafted statement pieces is the passion that fuels the business. LOVE DOT is meant to reflect all the places in the world that "Dot" would have loved to experience, but didn't have the time and opportunity to do so. The spirit of Nneka's mother lives on through the brand.