We believe two things to be true

Your wardrobe should be a source of confidence. 

You can’t stand out trying to fit in.

Style is greater than Fashion

LOVE DOT uses traditional textiles and ethically sourced materials to inspire people to boldly pursue their dreams.


Every item is meticulously made by hand.


Empowering the small business communities across Africa through manufacturing partnerships and intentional design collaborations.


Connecting the Diaspora to African fashion and traditions while connecting Africa to the world.

Own Every Moment

Our garments and jewelry breathe life into the aspirations of every man and woman. Through the bold dance of Batik patterns and the artistry of construction, LOVE DOT invites individuals to boldly own every room they choose to step into.

Sustainably Focused

At the heart of who we are is a commitment to the flourishing spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity across the African diaspora. Our cottons, carefully sourced from independent farmers in Togo, Benin, and Ghana, reflect our commitment to sustainability and the power of ethical partnerships.

Connecting the Diaspora

We aren’t merely a fashion and lifestyle brand; but an ode to the richness of what it means to be African, and a celebration of roots that stretch across continents.

Partnership and Collaboration


Batik Production

Accra, Ghana

In the bustling city of Accra, Ghana, our partnership with Exmac Batik - a family-owned textile and apparel manufacturer - makes our vision possible. Together we intermix color and abstract designs to birth each unique print seen in our seasonal collections. Each piece carries with it the imprint of the hands that crafted it, a testament to the seamless fusion of mastery, heritage, and contemporary expression.

Johannesburg, ZA

Our footprint on the continent extends beyond Ghana, collaborating with Beadz by Flex - an emerging brand shifting design culture in South Africa. With each collaboration, we contribute to the mosaic of African creativity, amplifying voices and design perspectives that deserve to be heard.

"Absolutely unparalleled products and commitment to collaboration. LOVE DOT will be the next big thing in slow fashion; offering consumers a balanced focus on people, style, AND profit."

— Nneka Carrie, CEO and Creative Director - LOVE DOT, Inc.

Free Shipping

US and Canada for Orders over $150.


Small batch collections made by hand with an unwavering attention to detail.

Affordable Style

Stand out with items priced under $250.

Made in Africa

Ethically produced in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.