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For the Bold and Ambitious

LOVE DOT is an internationally crafted fashion and lifestyle brand designed for individuals who are brave enough to ignore their fears and bold enough to chase their dreams.

Where Style Meets Versatility

Vibrant patterns that seamlessly elevate your look as you transition from daytime to nighttime, lunch to dinner, work to play.

From gym time to brunch time

From gym time to brunch time


Meticulously crafted beaded bracelets. The details are deliberate - from the bead selection to the packaging. It's affordable African luxury, made especially for men.

Untamed Ambition

Bold, unexpected, unpatterned, perfectly imperfect prints that make you the center of every moment.

Spring / Summer 2024

When style meets ambition, things get personal.

Spring / Summer 2024

When style meets ambition, things get personal.

Exactly as Pictured!

"The dress came exactly as pictured. Great quality fabric, true to size and delivery was fast."

— Joyce Jolicoeur, January 21, 2022

Just Gorgeous!

"Just gorgeous! Bought for a friend and it’s even more stunning than the pic shows."

— Pamela Schiess, November 19, 2021

Reimagining Traditional Textiles

Picture a fashion and lifestyle brand that transcends borders, uniting the global diaspora through a rich heritage of traditional textiles that embody West African craftsmanship and design.

Ghanaian Batik

The origins of Batik is in West Africa. The process of applying wax over cotton blends art and science. It's a textile technique that draws inspiration from nature. Each print is as distinctive as the individual wearing it and is impossible to replicate.

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Crafted in Johannesburg

Anchored in the collaboration and partnership embedded in our brand ethos, our beaded jewelry capsules feature hand-selected semi-precious stones held together by a durable cord. It's a gender-neutral collection available in various sizes.


Discover a fresh perspective on men's jewelry. One that radiates purpose, quality, and pride - the African way.

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Free Shipping

Orders over $150. US and Canada, only.


Fabric, Clothing, and Jewelry 100% Handmade.

Made in Africa

Ethically manufactured in West and Southern Africa.

We Do Things Differently

Small Batch Production

Our production is tailored to match demand. Collections are crafted in limited quantities, repurposing excess fabric for wallets, scarfs, and head-ties.

Ethical Sourcing

Our garments are made using raw textiles sourced from independent farmers in Ghana and Togo. Our jewelry uses beads and metals sourced across South Africa.

Small Business Partnership

Each collection is manufactured in partnership with established, African-owned and operated, small businesses from Johannesburg to Accra.


How our fabrics come to life.


You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.


Lean into the genesis of the African slow fashion movement with TRACEABLE by LOVE DOT. Explore the people and stories driving African's design culture - from the visionaries shaping the industry to the brands and designers making it a reality. Welcome to TRACEABLE.

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