The Companion Stone (Blue Sandstone/ Blue Goldstone)

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You can’t help but trust your instincts while wearing this bracelet. Labradorite is the stone of truth and intuition. Believed to help people overcome fear, the stone has a calming effect on those with overactive minds. 

Each bracelet is crafted using ethically sourced brass, metals, and gemstones. The bracelet is available only in a 6mm bead size. It is adorned by a brass charm of continental Africa and an antelope.

The adjustable opening makes it easy to accommodate most wrist sizes. 

  • Diameter: min 5 inches - 9.5 inches max or (127mm - 228mm)
  • Fully adjustable ‘Macrame style’ closure 
  • High polish finish
  • Handmade in Johannesburg, SA

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