5 Woman-Owned, Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Fall in Love With

5 Woman-Owned, Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Fall in Love With

Sustainable fashion is the phrase of the year. We know the environment needs all the help we can offer to offset the impact humans have. Whether it’s pollution, waste, or climate change, fast fashion has been a notorious contributor to our environmental troubles.

The tides of the fashion industry are changing, though. More and more consumers are getting conscious about where they spend their money, hoping to align both their fashion interests with their ethical interests. While the big brands often struggle to shift gears and change their business models to fit a changing world, smaller brands are eager and ready to offer the sustainable fashion that conscious consumers are craving. 

With the month of March dedicated to women’s history, LOVE DOT has gathered five eco-friendly fashion brands that are woman-owned and offering some of the most beautiful (and ethical) styles out there today. If you’re searching for more sustainable fashion or woman-owned brands—or both!—to add to your fashion collection, this list of brands with uniquely gorgeous creations is bound to hold your next artisan obsession.


Sued Watches 

SUED Watches

Owner: Susan Mueni 

Origin: Narobi, Kenya 

A watch is the eyes of the wrist—or something like that. Trust us, you’ll be coming up with strange phrases to justify having a different watch for every day of the week after seeing the unmatched design and craftsmanship from SUED Watches.

This woman-owned watch brand is committed to sustainable fashion, with handcrafted creations using local labor right in Kenya. From minimalist leather to intricately beaded straps and everything in between, the passion that owner Susan Mueni has for Kenyan culture is literally infused in the unique and beautiful watch designs coming out of SUED Watches.


Safia Tucker 


Owner: Safia Tucker

Origin: Cape Town, South Africa

What is fashion for if not for finding those beautiful, unmistakably you pieces that become such a part of your life you can’t imagine one day replacing them? Creating those beloved and special pieces that make up your style is Ilundi’s specialty. Owned by Safia Tucker in Cape Town, South Africa, if you’re looking for sustainable eco-friendly fashion that mixes leather and magic, Ilundi is the brand for you.

This sustainable fashion brand offers an ever-evolving range of handcrafted leather pieces, from weekender bags to clutches and everything in-between, that bring the personal connection back to fashion that fast fashion companies have long since lost. Safia puts extra effort into sourcing local artisan labor in South Africa to ensure every piece is made with passion and ethics. 


Mak Nisy

Mak Nisy

Owner: Nneamaka Nwosisi

Origin: Abuja, Nigeria

This brand is on a mission to bring the beauty of African fashion to the world—sustainably. With every product handmade from high-quality materials and gorgeous locally sourced African fabrics, Mak Nisy makes eco-friendly fashion look easy. This woman-owned brand is run by the inspired Nneamaka Nwosisi, who keeps not only her customers in mind, but the impact and support her sustainable fashion brand can have on the community. 

With a range of beautiful, handmade pieces from bags to wallets and shoes to accessories, Mak Nisy will make your style ethical, sustainable, and exceedingly fashionable. Can’t justify buying a new bag for yourself just yet? Don’t worry, they’ve got bags for the kids that you’ll enjoy bringing home just as much.


Kua Designs 

Kua Designs

Owner: Ruby Buah

Origin: Accra, Ghana

Don’t you hate finding a super sustainable, wonderfully ethical fashion brand that checks every eco-friendly fashion box…only to be searching and searching without finding a single design you actually like? We know the struggle—that’s why Kua Designs is the next woman-owned, sustainable fashion brand of your dreams. Started in Ghana, the owner of Kua Designs—Ruby Buah—is creating gorgeous jewelry, handbags, plus women’s and children’s clothing all while protecting the environment and giving back to the community. 

Infusing authentic African designs and fabrics with sustainable and upcycled materials - all made by well-paid employees - is why Kua Designs is setting the standard for sustainable fashion brands today.


Omi Woods 

Omi Woods

Owner: Ashley Alexis McFarlane

Origin: Toronto, Canada

Jewelry can be difficult to source from a sustainable fashion brand; gold and other fine metals are notorious for their links to suffering and mistreatment of workersOmi Woods is a woman-owned jewelry brand that gives you peace of mind over where your beloved jewelry came from. All the gold and fine metals in this sustainable fashion brand’s products are handmade with fair trade and conflict-free materials.  

When you see the gorgeous and unique jewelry coming out of Omi Woods, you’ll be extra relieved to know this sustainable fashion brand ensures the miners that source their gold are paid fair wages to support them and their community’s growth. Founder Ashley Alexis McFarlane’s genuine appreciation for African heritage and culture is clearly evident in every perfect piece of jewelry from Omi Woods. 



At LOVE DOT, highlighting incredible sustainable fashion brands, especially woman-owned brands, is our passion. If your values are just as important as your style and you’re always looking for another wonderful artisan brand to buy from, our VIP newsletter will brighten your inbox. 

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